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About Kai Nen Empowerment and Healing

As a Healer, my goal is to lead others down the path of discovery through personal growth and empowerment. Whether you want to feel more joy in your life, improve relationships, connect on a deeper level, attain spiritual growth, or be more present, we know you'll benefit from our practice.

Many years ago, I began my path of discovery through a divorce, children, cycles of emotional disconnect, trauma, and the innate necessity to eliminate drama from my vocabulary. I created Kai Nen  Empowerment and Healing to share my knowledge and gifts and empower others to take charge of their healing power. I am committed to raising awareness of our abilities within us.

In January of 2021, I participated in a Modern Mystery School course titled Empower Thyself advanced spiritual training. This class opened my eyes to a world I choose to not only participate in but to Serve others. A new way to live my life the change starts within me. Through the path of the Modern Mystery School, the teachings, and becoming a certified Life Activation practitioner, I am excited to share these ancient King Salomon lineage classes and healings with you.

Take the first step and join me in creating a world we can proudly stand united in service. We are proud of the dedicated following we have built and look forward to welcoming you to our healing and empowerment family.

Tanji is a certified Life Activation Practitioner through the Modern Mystery School, Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master.

A certified Crystal Elemental Healer, a graduate of Soul Shift, Alchemy and Crystal Master, Sound/frequency healing practitioner, quantum healer, and light language channel.

Tanji Vierig
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