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What is Light Language?

Light Language (LL) is a multi-dimensional, multimedia tool for expansion of human consciousness and the remembrance of, attuning to, and alignment with Source energy. 

LL is a series of spoken syllables, gestures, written symbols or characters, or sounds and harmonics that convey large amounts of multi-dimensional data. Information is orchestrated to cause shifts in people and the environment at the quantum level that then spill over into the physical. 

Spoken or sung LL sounds in some ways similar to the "speaking in tongues" in certain religions, but it may not be exactly the same, depending on the person/religion. Spoken LL has vowels, consonants, and phrasing, including toning, overtone singing, or other vocalizations.

The written light language looks like symbols, shapes, points, and lines that come together in cohesive ways, in long strings like sentences or shapes and visual patterns across an area of space.

Gestured or signed LL can look like sign language, hand mudras, or a conductor leading an orchestra. It can even expand into a dance-like movement practice. Those familiar with moving energy with the hands in energy work or martial arts will see similarities. 

**What is the Purpose of Light Language?**
Light language conveys thematic messages, performs activations and clearings in your energy field, helps to heal physical, emotional, and mental imbalances, and raises your vibration noticeably in a matter of minutes. 

Light language is not a replacement for appropriate medical treatments and is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any disease. 

The purpose of Light Language is to shift your energy to a higher octave. It helps you enter heart coherence, a state where heart, mind, and emotions are in a harmonized state of cooperation. It can also trigger the gamma state and the theta state in the brain. Experiencing light language can help normalize your stress response, regulate the nervous system, and bring you into a state of relaxed alertness. 

As these energetic and biological shifts happen, you will feel it more than you will understand with your head. It is palpable. Once you've made the shift, you are a vibrational match for the clarity, wisdom, peace, regeneration, and activation you wish to receive. 

LL conveys and integrates tremendous amounts of energy and data in relatively short periods of space-time due to its multi-dimensional nature. The sounds, movements, and symbols of LL are encoded with frequencies that help us remember our power and truth.

When you are ready, LL will help activate dormant portions of your DNA, help to open your third eye and allow you to recollect your true nature, your true purpose, and your place of origin. 

**Why is Light Language Considered a Pure Language?**
Because we humans assign our meaning and connotations to the words of our daily language, we can't help but imprint energy and limitations onto the text. If words have been used repeatedly in low-vibrational contexts or have been used to create harm, the language becomes corrupted, and use of it can keep humans stuck in outmoded ways of being and thinking. 

While it is not impossible to overcome this kind of semantic dissonance, using LL frees us from assigning meanings or connotations to words, which could block us from receiving the actual message and energy of the transmission. 

Because LL cannot be interpreted or understood with the head, the head has no chance to corrupt it, either. 

**How Can LL Convey so Much More Data than Standard Languages?**
There are vowels and consonants in a vocalized light language, just as in our English language. You will hear what sounds like the cadence of an ordinary spoken earth language, but those sounds are merely a carrier wave on which it piggy-backed a whole range of other multi-dimensional frequencies. 

There is more data in a stream of light language than could be written in a book! 

A fair comparison of the richness of data in LL compared to ordinary language is comparing a letter of our English alphabet and an Egyptian hieroglyph. A letter of the alphabet is a character with no intrinsic meaning. Still, instead, it signals a phonation we can string together to create a word, which finally conveys the sense, and more meaning once it is placed in the context of a sentence. 

However, a single hieroglyph character denotes not a phonated sound but an entire message—a concept with meaning and even context within one single character. In the same amount of space-time, so much more can be expressed and more data shared when we use symbolic language like a hieroglyph. 

Now, uplevel hieroglyphs to the next level, LL. When we use phonation/sound, symbols, movements, and energetic resonance to convey multi-dimensional data, we can get clearings, attunements, activations, healing of health issues, all within a tiny amount of space-time. 

A ten-second phrase of light language can download exponentially more information than pages of written content – whether symbolic like hieroglyphs or letter-based - attempting to describe the thing. 

And, rather than being simply a means to describe and convey ideas, light language is a mechanical and energetic tool embedded in a language construct. 

When used, LL affects changes and shifts in the energetic, emotional, and mental environment; words only convey the concept of change or shift, it is up to us to somehow take that concept of change we read about in the book and apply it to our lives. Sometimes, we are not able to do the translation. Sometimes we don't comprehend what we read. Or we don't know how to carry out the practical application of the concepts we read about. We may like the philosophy or the spiritual concept, but we don't know how to implement it. 

LL sidesteps the need for comprehension and bridges the disconnect between philosophy and practical application.

LL contains the message and the catalyst for the change, the tool to carry out the integration, and the imprint of Already Manifested Change, all nestled within one multi-dimensional construct, no assembly required. 

**How do You Translate Light Language?**
There is no direct literal translation for LL because it is not a translatable language like English. LL is a compilation of energies that are integrated at the quantum level. Our language is inadequate to provide the service that LL does, and it would take pages and pages of our language even to begin to describe the actions of LL. Even then, our language could not carry out the shifts that LL can simply by experiencing it. 

LL bypasses the communication channels of lower densities like the one we live in and goes straight to work on your energy field. All human languages have been corrupted by their extensive use in this lower density, and so, could not carry out the same work that LL can. LL broadcasts at a much higher bandwidth, if you will, that your higher self and innate body intelligence understand perfectly but that your human mind and ego will not.

You don't need to understand light language with your head.

Your mind is not capable of understanding all that LL is. However, your higher consciousness can understand and integrate the codes whether you know them in your mind or not. You will feel it, but you will not be able to interpret or translate the "words." It's more about how you feel during the transmission than what you might think about it. 

In addition, meaning is only a part of LL's conveying. For instance, while language could only describe a surgical procedure to fix a broken bone, LL could share the imprint of the already perfect bone on the energetic matrix of the body, instructing it on how to carry out the work of healing the bone from its current state to the perfected state, while simultaneously providing energetic space and resource for the work to be carried out rapidly and gracefully, a reminder for the body that it is designed for perfection and to bring all cells back into alignment with this perfection from henceforth. 

Understanding this kind of thing is not possible for us at this time, but we can still benefit from it. 

**How to Use Light Language**
So, how can you use what you don't understand? 

You don't need to understand LL and the intricacies of multi-dimensional communication to benefit from it. 

It is similar to you driving your car. When you get in the car, do you get suspicious about the nature of the vehicle and how it works? Then decide to read the manual on the inner workings of the combustion engine, the intricacies of fuel injection, and the hydraulic mechanics involved in the braking mechanism so you can fully UNDERSTAND your car before you drive it? 

No! That would be cumbersome, pedantic, and an excellent way to be late to work. 

But, you do know how to put the car in drive, hit the gas, and trust that it will carry you where you need to go. That is all you need to know about LL. If you know how to use it and experience it, you will derive the benefits whether you fully understand the tool or not. 

You don't even understand your own body and let you drive it around every day, even from the first day you are born, knowing nothing of life in a body. 

Let go of the need to understand, and allow yourself to INNERSTAND.

**Where Does LL Come From?**
It is said that LL comes from the central sun and is the primary language of DNA and the universal communication system for our galaxy. It is the mother tongue of every language that came forth on this earth. 

Each person channels their version of this language, and some people pull their LL through other galactic species, so there could be multiple fingerprints of beings in the stream of data. 

If we set our intentions to receive LL only from a pure source in alignment with truth and love and to bring forth only that which is in the highest good of all beings through our use of LL, we can trust what comes. 

It is very similar to the creation of art – no artist can tell precisely where inspiration comes from, but it certainly comes through us from a higher source, and we can trust our access to it and trust the creations that come forth. 

You don't need to know the exact ET or galactic space where your LL is coming from. Open your heart with pure intention to radiate love, align more fully with your truth and your higher self. You will automatically connect and integrate. 

**Can Anybody Communicate with LL?**
All creative people and especially artists are excellent channels for LL. These folks are tuned in to entering altered states of consciousness where they receive guidance and inspiration and allow art to become manifest through them.

But, when we look deeper, all of us are creative. Your every thought is a creation; your personality is a work of art. Even the way you have chosen to arrange items in your home, the colors of your clothes are your creativity at work.

Anyone can use LL, and while not everyone will do elaborate, long speeches or make works of symbolic art, we can all use this state of opening in trust and surrender to our higher self. We can all allow inspiration to come through and invite more of our true selves to radiate and bless our bodies and our lives. 

**Can LL Practitioners Heal People?**
Light language helps you remember how to heal yourself. Light Language practitioners do not heal you; they hold space at a higher frequency that enables you to recognize yourself and your body, mind, and spirit, then self-corrects.

When a person is creating a LL experience for you, they can assist you in attuning yourself, aligning yourself, and clearing yourself, but they are not healing you. They remind your system of its built-in healing capacity. We are reminders, not fixers.

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