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Kai Nen Empowerment      and Healing

Modern Mystery School

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About Reiki

I give myself permission to heal and step into my power.

When you receive healing in a session you will see many modalities I am blessed to share with others.  Light language, Reiki, quantum healing, sound therapy, crystal healing and many others that have not been identified or given labels.  Your session will be divinely guided to what you need at this current time.

What is Reiki?

Reiki, Pronounced (ray-key is a Japanese word for universal life forge energy. It has been defined as a type of healing in which the healer is a channel for universal life force and cosmic energy- an energy that lives and acts in all created matter. 

We are all born with Universal energy flowing through us.  As we grow older through stress, poor diets lack of exercise and unhealthy habits this energy flow can become restricted, which causes adverse health problems. Reiki is a simple yet effective, way to increase this energy flow throughout our body.  Reiki works to strengthen and-rebalance the body's energy center (chakra's), promotinge healing on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. 

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About Light Language

Light Language

Light language is an energetic expression or heart based feeling transmitted by vibrations through speech, hand signs, art, sacred geometry, tones, music and dance.  Classes coming soon!

Crystal Sales Coming Soon!

Come ready to learn how Crystals can get to work for you.