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Freedom and committing to our future


How did we celebrate our freedom this July? With so many difficult things in our country, some may have found themselves lacking the feelings of celebration. An even better question is how do I celebrate my freedom in my community with friends and family? To work together towards unity, we must, with gratitude, be thankful for the liberties we have. “Freedom is the open window through which pours the sunlight of the human spirit and human dignity.” By Herbert Hoover

To invoke change, we must stand in unity. Teach our younger generations what it means to stand for our flag. It doesn’t matter what country you are standing for. Each individual is responsible for their thoughts and actions. If we take the approach catering to all that is wrong in our country today, we are no better than the individuals harming or who do not have the best interests of our country in mind. The shift we need starts with us and standing up for what is in our hearts. The more we lovingly come from our heart space. We serve each other, bringing back humanity and respect for our neighbors and communities. We are halfway there. Raising our vibrations with love and positivity will eventually eliminate negative aspects. Like the old saying, positivity creates positivity, and negativity creates more negativity.

We have military men and women serving to keep our land safe. They know this is the best possible way for them to help. How do you serve? We all have gifts, talents, strengths, leadership abilities, beauty, and love to share. I am committing to act with love and compassion toward all those I come in contact. To get more involved in my community through service. I am sharing my light and focusing on the gratitude in my heart. What are you willing to commit to for our future?


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