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Shine your Light

Celebrating your light by Flipping the Switch

The light within us is waiting to be turned on or turned up. Throughout our lives, we go through hills and valleys. Our experiences, thoughts, and circumstances can affect our light. We allow neighbors, work, friends, and family to be in our inner circle, whether positive (for our highest good) or negative (drama, doubt, negative ego.) Our light will shine brighter when we embody peace, joy, and happiness by treating others like the Queens and Kings we are. When we lead with our hearts, our light shines brightly, and we can share it with others. To embody light means being an expression or giving a tangible or visible form to love. says, "Shine forth your light into the outer world, to bring your outer reality into harmony and sync with the divinity you carry within." To release or let go of negativity so light can embody our physicality. "Put; the light body is our vehicle to graduate from the human condition to return to the source. If the goal of each soul is to merge with God, then the activation of our light body is what gets us there."

The dragonfly spends its first years of life in the water in a river, pond, or lake. One day when it is ready to change, the dragonfly climbs up the reed and begins to breathe air, transforming, crawling out and leaving behind its old skin and unfolding the majestic wings within its body all along. It now can evolve with these beautiful wings to a new existence, a new reality to see things from a broader perspective in the sky and on land. I believe dragonflies visit us as a messenger from loved ones who have passed on to give us hope and resolve to continue our transformative journey.

In seeking the "Holy Grail," the ultimate end game Shambala, heaven, ascension, or enlightenment, whatever term you prefer, instigates change just as the dragonfly we must change and grow. Release that which is keeping us in stagnant water. Ask yourself what is not bringing me joy and contentment currently? What needs to be released? What do I need to embrace or learn to grow? Just as plants in our gardens need the care to grow, so does our light. We must cultivate and develop a relationship with our mind, body, and spirit. We express this in so many ways through creativity, art, music, body movement, yoga, dance, and Tae Kwan Do, to name a few. Expansion of the mind, classes, mentors, and gaining and expanding knowledge. We have the tools to evolve and grow, flip that light switch, and step into our full potential by healing physical, mental, and energetic levels. We have access to the "A" team to assist us in searching for the right questions, mental health professionals, healers, energy workers, and our heart light. "I am a radiant being of light and healing. I feel at peace; I am safe. I heal from a whole place. I love who I am." these are lyrics by A Beautiful Chorus from the Hymn of Healing Album.

Tanji is a Life Activation practitioner certified through the Modern Mystery School. A Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master Teacher, Quantum Sun, and Quantum Light Master Teacher. A certified Crystal and Elemental Healer, Crystal Master, Sound/frequency healing practitioner, quantum healer, and light language channel. For booking and more information about Tanji and Kai Nen Empowerment and Healing, please visit, mention this blog, and receive a $10 discount for your session.

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