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Unlock the Treasure Within

Have you ever awoken one morning to feel I have so many talents and gifts to share? I need to get to work! Instead, many think the opposite fear, failure, or low self-esteem. We tend to make excuses to ourselves that limit possibilities for our day. Let's change this thought process. What do you say? Recognizing our talents are buried treasure within all of us. They may be underdeveloped or hidden under years of self-doubt, bad habits, regret, or despair but are present. The tools in our tool belt, if you will. By developing and recognizing how am I a gift to myself and in the lives of others? Asking for assistance from God, the universe source, or however that looks for you. We are not here to fail. We have many tools mentors, friends, family healers, lightworkers, medical, emotional, and business coaches. The first step is unlocking your treasure chest within. Knowing we all have a part to play and are no longer bystanders in our lives. Sharing our unique gifts benefits us and others near and far. We open ourselves up to an entirely new reality by stepping out of negative thought patterns. We have a purpose, love, and mission. We take accountability for our success. We consciously use our energy to build our toolbox, add positive thoughts, and feed our mind, body, and soul with education to inspire and grow. Gratitude in our hearts for the earth and all we have.

Imagine a world in which we all share a common goal of sharing love. We eliminate fear with love. We are unlocking our treasure within all of us. I love this quote by Yakov Smirnoff "If love is the treasure, then laughter is the key." Let's start every day with kindness and love for ourselves and others. To feel content that you lived your best life, we must unleash all within us. Strive every day to live up to our highest and best potential.

Tanji is a certified Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master. A certified Crystal and Elemental Healer, Crystal Master, Sound/frequency healing practitioner, quantum healer, and light language channel. For booking and more information about Tanji and Kai Nen Empowerment and Healing please mention this blog and receive a $10 discount for your session.


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